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"Suthi's portfolio of stunning images lends itself to taking pieces of life's intimate happenings and transforming them into works of photo journalistic art."
– on Picotte Photography.

Suthi Picotte was born on a French island in the South Pacific and spent her formative years in both the United States and China before landing a full scholarship to the University of Massachusetts. Suthi's unique perspective embodies an aesthetic that combines the individual personalities of her subjects with her vivid and beautifully detailed view of the world. A passionate traveler, Suthi's photography takes her all over the world.

Picotte Photography doesn't miss a beat.

Documenting life's fleeting moments is no small task. "Things happen so quickly," Suthi Picotte, owner of Picotte Photography muses. "If you blink, you'll miss it."

What she doesn't do is "miss it."

Suthi takes great care in capturing every nuanced moment at each of her client’s most important days... their weddings.

"That sideways glance between the bride and groom that lasts a mere 7 milliseconds – if I'm not on my toes and ready to get it, then it's gone. You can't get that back." Suthi's focus gives way to an easy smile.

"I'm constantly watching and anticipating every moment because to photograph the moment you have to instinctually know it's going to be there - just a touch before it is. It's a very joyful and all-consuming process."

Suthi's commitment to her clients is not something she takes lightly. "I feel so honored to be a part of a couple's big day. People are at their most vulnerable and tender at a wedding. I get a genuine rush from being invited to capture families and loved ones in their happiest of moments."

She accomplishes this exquisitely. Lying somewhere between fine art portraiture and photojournalism, Suthi's work is a hybrid of both film and digital, allowing for the unique benefits of each medium to shine through. Her devotion to detail, coupled with a background in fine art and entertainment, gives each photo the look of a candid "movie-moment" - easily rivaling the most romantic of films.

"There is a magic to the art of documenting people's lives. At a wedding there's a beautifully heightened sense of emotion and connection, of intimacy and happiness. It's organic and real and happening right in front of your eyes... even better than the movies! I feel so lucky to get to capture that."

In hearing Suthi talk about her clients, one gets the sense that there is more at stake than just professional reputation.

"It's true," she says. "I'm as selective about my clients as they are about me."

"Not every photographer is right for every wedding." Suthi goes on to explain. "I always tell my client that no photographer can shoot like someone else. It's the reason I give prospective clients a ton of samples - entire weddings even - to help them make that decision.

"Also, when I sit down to meet with a couple, it's generally about just getting to know one another. I'm going to be in their faces all day long," she laughs, "so we have to really like each other!"

"It's important to consider these things. I want the bride and groom to have absolute trust that I'm going to capture them in the most vivid and authentic way. If a couple picks a photographer they like and they love that photographer's work - then trusting that person is easy. I honestly find myself looking forward to my clients weddings as much as if they were my friends."

A newlywed herself, Suthi offers up a final and sage piece of advice for soon-to-be-brides and grooms in search of a wedding photographer. "As a bride you can rest assured that things are going well if the photographer is smiling."

As if on cue, she laughs. "I spend a lot of time smiling."